Our Rental Service

Max Hire views knowledge as a weapon. The team at Max Hire are continually encouraged to expand their knowledge and foster their innate talent for problem solving and solution development. Everyone has a mandate to challenge the status quo and find better ways of enhancing our customers’ productivity and efficiency.

Always seeking to establish relationships that are based on two-way loyalty Max Hire actively nurtures a sense of partnership with its customers. Customers value Max Hire as a business partner because it is forever proactive, smart, professional and demonstratively willing to ‘share the work load’. Being a partner with Max Hire means customers derive a significant capability that they would not normally have - and they recognise it!

Importantly, Max Hire brings to its customers more than its own capabilities. It brings the powerful Cat brand. With a full range of quality Cat equipment, Max Hire gives its customers access to the most modern, operator comfortable, technologically advanced and fit for purpose equipment available.

The Cat heritage and pedigree provides customer businesses with not only the most productive outcomes, but also a quality and modern image that positively positions their businesses in the minds of their clients.

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